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Our Story

Our late founding father, Tommy G. Shanks, spent his life in the jewelry industry. At age 18, he was approached for a sales position at the Zales store in Victoria, Texas. Dad wasn't looking for the job - it found him. He did the corporate routine with Zale's for 23 years. There wasn't an Ivy League business education to credit for his rise in position to District Vice President of D/FW operations. Those of you that knew him can back me up - his pleasant personality and charm took him to the top of his field, and the contacts he made along the way allowed Mom and Dad to open a jewelry store with the capacity to do anything.
Janene Shanks, can be credited with our location being in Rockwall and our continued success here. She was always on the move with the transfers from city to city and state to state that my family had to make, being that my father was the troubleshooter for Zale's low performing locations in his early years with the company. She was in charge of raising the three of us "animals", as my father would call us, and assisting my father as she could with his stores. Upon my father's transition from the corporate world, she found Rockwall and recommended to him they could use a jewelry store. She nurtured my father's dream into a reality and provided her continued, selfless support... and the offspring to assist.
Sam Shanks, often referred to as "The Jeweler", oversees the jewelry repair department and is often called to the front by his public. While growing up in the jewelry industry, he was fascinated by the bench jewelers and their creations in stores my father operated, and he dreamed of one day becoming one. When my parents told him they had found a location for "the store" he immediately quit his job at the time and committed himself to learning the craft. For 18 very memorable years our family friend and bench jeweler/watchmaker , Floyd Caldwell, took Sam under his wing and taught him well. Today, Sam is a well seasoned bench jeweler responsible for bringing cherished family heirlooms back to life, and creating thousands of  new pieces that will be treasured for generations to come. 
I am Ben Shanks - Apprentice to my father until 2003. I am the "purveyor of goods", such as diamonds, colored stones, new and pre-owned superior grade watches, finished goods of all varieties, appraiser, CFO, Graduate Gemologist, watch technician and whatever other hat is required of me to wear. As of now, I am also webmaster. I am happy to assist you in whatever way that I can to make certain your experience with us is a great one.
Now that you know a little about us, it is only fair that we get to know a little about you. Stop in sometime, give us a look, or bring in your broken pieces, and ideas for a special piece that you've meant to do something about all these years. You'll be surprised what we can do for you!